What do we do to help pupils with special educational needs or disabilities?

Your child’s teachers are responsible for planning lessons that are inclusive, accessible,and differentiated for every pupil.

Some of the ways our teachers plan for this are:

  • small group or 1-1 learning with a SEND teaching assistant (SEND TA)
  • pre-teaching content or vocabulary where the teacher or SEND TA teaches the pupil/s the words that they will need to know before a lesson so that they can take part fully
  • over-learning topics, where parts of a topic are re-taught to make sure that pupils have learnt it
  • to set alternative activities for home learning
  • to provide specially targeted texts and resources appropriate for a pupil’s reading ages
  • to provide additional apparatus or materials (for example practical resources or additional ICT)
  • to adapt and adjust resources and materials to make them accessible for pupils with specific learning difficulties e.g. visual or physical difficulties (for example we make enlarged texts for some pupils).
Last updated August 25, 2022