How are our resources allocated and matched to a pupil’s special educational needs? How is the SEND budget allocated?

There are two main budgets that we use to provide resources for pupils with SEND:

Core budget

  • Paradigm Trust schools use some of their core budget to employ an assistant principal for inclusion and/or a SEND manager – who, between them, oversee the provision for all pupils with additional learning needs.
  • Core funding is also used to purchase specifically designed equipment and resources for pupils with SEND including iPads etc.

Additional funding for SEND

  • Pupils with SEND benefit from all of the ways that the schools help all pupils to learn. The additional funding for SEND is used to provide support to specifically identified pupils. This includes those who are on the SEND register as needing school SEND support and pupils with a statement of special educational needs or an education, health and care plan (EHCP). The funding is used to provide high quality teaching and learning in a structured manner.
  • Additional funding is used to provide a highly skilled speech and language therapist who works at the schools regularly. The therapist identifies and assesses pupils, trains SEND TAs who support pupils with speech and language difficulties, works with teachers and also works directly with some pupils.

For hearing impaired pupils, support from teachers of the deaf and DSB teaching assistants helps pupils access and participate in lessons and to develop their, independent learning skills. The level and type of support is determined by the deaf support base manager in consultation with teachers of the deaf. Regular monitoring of arrangements takes the form of observing lessons, examining the pupils’ work and assessments. This way any changes that need to be made can be done promptly. Parents/carers are kept informed formally through annual review meetings and parent consultations and informally via home school books and daily conversations. Ancillary aids, in the form of radio hearing aids, enable the deaf pupils to be completely integrated into the mainstream class.

Last updated August 25, 2022