How do we monitor a pupil’s progress and communicate with parents/carers about their progress?

Our assessment and monitoring programme ensures that we know what pupils can do and need to do next. We monitor pupils’ progress at the end of lessons through marking and at the end of a block of lessons or a unit of work through assessments. We also assess pupils every term. In addition, if a pupil is having additional support outside of the classroom we make sure that the progress they are making is very closely monitored. For example, if a pupil is working with a speech therapist we set targets and will check that the pupil’s speech is improving.

The school has a variety of ways to allow parents/carers to share their views and concerns. Teachers endeavour to be available at the end of the school day if parents/carers wish to discuss their child. In addition, the school holds parent/carer consultations three times a year.

Pupils in the deaf support base follow the same assessments as other pupils. In addition, the DSB pupils’ language and communication skills and listening skills are also monitored. Parents/carers attend annual review meetings and are encouraged to attend a parents’ group that provides information on ways to help their children. The pupils attend their annual review meetings when appropriate and are involved in agreeing their targets.

Last updated August 25, 2022