• Culloden Primary

    Dee Street, Poplar, E14 0PT

    Tel: 020 7364 1010

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  • Old Ford Primary

    Wrights Road, Bow, E3 5LD

    Tel: 020 8980 1503

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  • Solebay Primary

    11 Solebay Street, E1 4PW

    Tel: 020 8980 2414

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  • Ipswich Academy

    Braziers Wood Rd, IP3 0SP

    Tel: 01473 550040

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  • Murrayfield Primary

    Nacton Rd, IP3 9JL

    Tel: 01473 728564

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  • Piper’s Vale Primary

    Raeburn Rd, IP3 0EW

    Tel: 01473 320413

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Your child deserves the best from our schools. However, teachers and school staff cannot do this on their own. We want to work with everyone in our school community to achieve excellent results. This includes parents and/or carers supporting their children at home by encouraging learning, good conduct and high expectations. By us all working together, your children can reach their full potential. Our schools offer a curriculum to enrich their lives and develop their self-esteem through:

  • using good practice in teaching and learning
  • being guided by a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • strong and effective leadership, high expectations and a relentless pursuit for excellence where only the best will do
  • valuing and developing the skills of all staff
  • developing strong family and community partnerships.

School staff work closely with our very supportive academy councils – and we have forged strong educational partnerships with businesses whose contributions to our schools are invaluable.

Last updated September 14, 2020