Paradigm Trust class 2

Paradigm Trust (Paradigm) is a not-for-profit educational trust with schools in Ipswich and Tower Hamlets that are free and open to all. 

Paradigm has a very simple ethos: to develop and sustain great schools where we can make the biggest difference to pupils. Our values are: Integrity – doing the right thing even when no one is watching; Excellence – enabling everyone to achieve more through education and Community – working together; learning from, and supporting, others.

Paradigm encourages parents/carers to support their children at home by encouraging learning, good conduct and high expectations. Each of our schools has an Academy Council which facilitates communication between the principal and parents/carers. 

Paradigm is governed by a board of directors who delegate responsibility for the day-to-day operation and performance of the Trust. Our Governance structure is clear and simple.

Last updated September 1, 2020