How are decisions made about what type and how much support an individual pupil will receive?

We look at pupils’ needs at least every term following assessments. We then plan input for pupils asking the following questions:

  • can the pupil work independently or do they need an SEND TA to support their learning?
  • does the pupil need any additional equipment to support their learning?
  • does the pupil need any additional support from outside agencies (e.g. speech therapists etc.)?
  • does the pupil need any support outside of the classroom?

The SEND manager and other relevant staff then plan support based on this. Because our teaching is highly effective, we believe that pupils are best taught in class. Additional support is usually given during assembly times and at other times that will not impact on the pupil’s ability to take part fully in all lessons.

How does the school prepare and support pupils when they join?

Pupils joining our Reception classes visit their new classes in the summer term. Pupils with additional needs are given more time for this.

We work closely with pre-schools and settings in the local area to ensure a smooth transition for pupils who are joining us. For example, teachers visit pupils in their setting. Where pupils are transferring from another school we make sure that the SEND manager and/or the class teacher visit the school to meet the pupil. Parents/ carers are also invited to visit.

How does the school support pupils when they transfer to a new school or the next stage of education?

Transition is a part of life for all learners, whether that involves moving to a new class, to a new school or onto the next phase of education, training or employment. We recognise that transition is an important time for all pupils, but especially so for a pupil with SEND. Consequently, we work closely with parents/carers, pupils/students, staff and partner organisations to ensure these transitions run as smoothly as possible and that key information is shared promptly.

Planning for transitions within the school will take place in the summer term. Arrangements for transition for pupils/students with SEND to secondary school/onto the next stage of education, training or employment is planned according to individual need.

During Year 6/Year 11 information previously agreed with parents/carers will be shared with the SEND manager at their next school/destination. This information outlines the pupil’s needs and the support that has proven effective.

Where possible, pupils/students will visit their new school/destination on several occasions. In some cases, staff from the new school/destination will visit him or her, or staff from your child’s school will accompany your child on visits to his/her next school.

All deaf support base pupils and families will have the support of a teacher of the deaf, a speech and language therapist and audiology services before they start. For pupils transferring to a new school, visits and transition meetings are held in the term prior to them leaving.

Last updated August 25, 2022