Deaf support base

We are proud of the excellent support we offer to hearing impaired pupils from the time they join our nursery to the end of year 6. Culloden Primary Academy uses a total communication policy and our deaf support base is an asset to everyone – enhancing all our lives by broadening awareness of others with different educational needs and raising the aspirations of pupils with a range of hearing impairments.

Staff use a total communication approach combining lip-reading, use of residual hearing and sign supported English (SSE). Pupils with a range of hearing losses are helped to develop language skills, to make progress in their social and emotional development and to have confidence to learn.

Speech and language therapists work with the pupils and their families. We have forged links with many professional agencies for support with audiology and other related needs. Deaf adults are invited into the school and pupils visit the theatre to see plays with sign interpretation – all offering deaf role models and raising awareness of deafness throughout the school.

Last updated August 25, 2022