Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy | 10/12/2018

Value of community

One of the values of the Paradigm Trust is:

Community -Working together; learning from, and supporting, others.

Student ambassadors from Ipswich Academy put this value into action by visiting Murrayfield Primary and Piper’s Vale Primary academies last week to talk to their student councils about fundraising ideas for the Elmer Project. 

Pedagogy newsletter | 07/12/2018

Pedagogy Newsletter #13

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Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 03/12/2018

The power of kindness

December is kindness month at Old Ford Primary Academy. Pupils will try hard to be kind to friends and family. They will be doing kind acts every day and talking about why this is important. A small act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone else’s day!

Ipswich Academy, Paradigm Trust | 26/11/2018

ResearchEd Conference

Helen Winn, Naomi Shenton and Ben Rogers from Ipswich Academy recently spoke at an educational conference, ResearchED.

Please follow the links below to see their presentations: 

Pedagogy newsletter | 23/11/2018

Pedagogy Newsletter #11

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Culloden Primary Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy, Solebay Primary Academy | 19/11/2018

Pupils raise money for Children in Need

Last week, pupils across our academies found ways to raise money to support Children in Need. Here are a selection of photos of our pupils.

Pedagogy newsletter | 14/11/2018

Pedagogy Newsletter #9

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Ipswich Academy, Paradigm Trust | 12/11/2018

Ipswich Academy students meet writer

Ipswich Academy students today had the wonderful opportunity to meet writer Andy Briggs to learn about his books and the creative writing process. 

Culloden Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 05/11/2018

Swimming success for pupil at Culloden Primary

Humayun Rob in Y5 at Culloden Primary spent last weekend racing at Basildon Sporting Village for Hackney Aquatics Club. He swam 10 races and achieved 7 medals; 2 Gold, 3 Silver & 2 Bronze. He’s qualified for 3 races for Middlesex County competition in January 2019. We wish him every success in the future.

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 31/10/2018

Murrayfield Primary Academy announces permanent principal

Neil Winn, currently interim principal of Murrayfield Primary Academy in Ipswich, is to become the school’s permanent principal with immediate effect.

Neil became interim principal in June 2017 following the death of the then principal Amanda Phillips. Since then, Neil has worked hard to improve the teaching and results in the school to deliver the outstanding education that every child deserves.

Neil Winn, principal at Murrayfield Primary Academy said:
“I am delighted to accept the position of Principal at Murrayfield. We have made good progress but I am looking forward to working with my colleagues and the parents / carers to continue our efforts to ensure every one of our pupils receives the outstanding education that they are entitled to. We are also looking forward to our first Ofsted inspection as an academy so that we can demonstrate what has been achieved.”

Bill Holledge, chief executive of Paradigm Trust, said:
“Neil has done a great job at Murrayfield so was an obvious choice to take on the permanent role and was unanimously appointed by the Board of Directors. During his time at the school, he has overseen real improvements for the pupils and we are confident that under his leadership there will be more exciting developments to look forward to in the future”.

Prior to joining Paradigm Trust, Neil was Principal Headteacher – Curriculum and Teaching and Learning – at Sacred Heart RC Comprehensive School in Teeside for five years before joining the BMAT Forest Hall School in Essex as Deputy Headteacher till 2017.

Media enquiries
For further enquiries, please contact the Paradigm Trust media team on 020 7618 9100, or email paradigmtrust@luther.co.uk.

Notes to Editor
Paradigm Trust is a multi-academy trust, formed in September 2013, when the two founding schools, Old Ford Primary Academy and Culloden Primary Academy, converted to academy status. In September 2014, Solebay Primary Academy transferred to Paradigm Trust and Ipswich Academy in September 2015. In 2017, Murrayfield Primary Academy and Piper’s Vale Primary Academy became part of the trust.

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Last updated October 30, 2018