Culloden Primary Academy, Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy, Solebay Primary Academy | 04/01/2021

Coronavirus update

Our schools (including nursery classes) will be open only to vulnerable children and the children of critical workers from 5 January, with other children being provided with remote learning. 

The government’s updated list of critical workers (key workers) and vulnerable children who can access full-time education provision in the case of restrictions on education is available here.

if your child is vulnerable, or if you are a critical worker, please let us know and we will do our best to provide continuing on-site provision for your child.

Paradigm Trust confirmed its arrangements for opening its schools in September 2020. Our arrangements are available here.

Please click to read: NHS letter to parents dated 23rd September 2020 regarding Test and Trace

The Government has produced guidance on ‘What parents and carers need to know about schools and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak.’ This guidance has been translated into the following languages:

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 18/11/2020

Ipswich Star meets new Murrayfield Principal

The Ipswich Star had a chance to meet the new Principal of Murrayfield Primary Academy and discover what can be expected of the school in the future.

Click here for the full story.

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 12/11/2020

Claire Willis appointed Principal of Murrayfield Primary Academy

Claire Willis, current Assistant Principal at Murrayfield Primary Academy, will take over running Murrayfield Primary Academy from current Principal Neil Winn on 1st January. Neil will be working with her on a gradual transition before he leaves the school at the end of December.

Claire Willis, Principal, Murrayfield Primary Academy said:

“I am absolutely delighted to take on the role of Principal at Murrayfield Primary Academy and am committed to ensuring our pupils keep achieving those marginal gains that lead to great progress.  This will happen by working not only with our teachers but also with the other schools in the Paradigm Trust and our wonderful community. During my time as Principal, Murrayfield will continue to look at new ways of learning to ensure all our children have access to the education they need to reach their potential.”

Bill Holledge, CEO of Paradigm Trust said:

“We are so pleased that, following a full and thorough selection process, Claire is taking on the role of Principal at Murrayfield Primary Academy. She has been a huge support to Neil and his team and instrumental in ensuring the school continues to develop and flourish.”

Following twenty years of teaching experience across primary, secondary and international schools where she held roles including Head of Faculty and Director of Learning, Claire joined Murrayfield in January 2018 as Assistant Principal and Special Education Needs Coordinator.  Since then she has helped pupils make strong progress in their education and has been instrumental in setting up a Special Educational Needs Unit at the school for children with communication and interaction needs from September this year. 

Murrayfield was rated Good by OFSTED this time last year after standards in English and Mathematics rose dramatically, leading to the school’s best overall attainment results in its history. The school is responsible for the education of 60 Ipswich children per year group, as well as a 26-place nursery.

Paradigm Trust ensures all its schools offers a fantastic education in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, supported by enrichment opportunities that enable children to have the best opportunity to reach their potential.

Culloden Primary Academy, Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy, Solebay Primary Academy | 16/07/2020

RSHE engagement results

Please click on the following documents to view the RSHE engagement results:


Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy | 02/06/2020

Ipswich Star feature Piper’s Vale pupils returning to school

The Ipswich Star have featured the news of pupils from Y6 at Piper’s vale returning to school yesterday. Please click below to read the article.

Culloden Primary Academy, Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy, Solebay Primary Academy | 21/05/2020

Free School Meal vouchers – update

Current government guidance is that vouchers for pupils who are eligible for free school meals will not be issued for the half term break. Given this, we will not be issuing vouchers next week. If government guidance changes we will issue vouchers as soon as we can.  

Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy | 20/04/2020

Parent Director role (Suffolk)

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 21/01/2020

Ofsted visit to Murrayfield celebrated the Press

The recent visit of Amanda Spielman to Murrayfield Primary Academy has been recognised by Essex television and the Ipswich Star. Please follow the links below to read these amazing articles:

  • Click here for the article from Essex Television
  • Click here for the article from the Ipswich Star

Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 21/01/2020

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector visits Paradigm school

Paradigm Trust’s Murrayfield Primary Academy was chosen by Ofsted, the body responsible for inspecting standards in English schools, as the place to launch its annual report.

Ofsted chose Murrayfield because of the dramatic transformation that has taken place since Paradigm Trust took over its management in 2017. Previously judged to be failing, the latest report from Ofsted rates Murrayfield as ‘good’ and highlights the considerable progress made.

The report also notes that the school’s subject leaders have benefited from being able to work with other leaders across Paradigm Trust.

Bill Holledge, Paradigm’s CEO, said: “Our vision is to develop and sustain great schools where we can make the biggest difference to pupils. Murrayfield is a wonderful example of what that vision looks like in real life.”

Murrayfield principal Neil Winn said: “We are thrilled that Ofsted chose Murrayfield as the launch pad for its annual report. It’s a vindication of what we’ve been doing here and recognition for the efforts of pupils, parents and staff.”

Speaking about her visit to Murrayfield, Amanda Spielman, Ofsted’s chief inspector, said: “Murrayfield is just a very lovely school. It was great to be able to see the children at work and reading so well. I was also pleased to see such a well-thought-through curriculum in action and the staff pulling together and having that shared vision of what they can achieve.

“Each year, when we film for the launch of our report, we choose a school that’s really interesting to highlight. I asked our inspectors to name a school that had been inspected under our new framework that had been particularly interesting and good and they suggested Murrayfield.”

Culloden Primary Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy | 16/12/2019

Celebrating Values within Paradigm Trust

This week, Paradigm Trust celebrated pupils who have been awarded all three values awards and have become the first values champions in the Trust. Paradigm shares the same core values throughout all of its schools:

  • Integrity – doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Excellence – enabling everyone to achieve more through education.
  • Community – working together; learning from, and supporting, others.

Each week, pupils are nominated for positive behaviours that link to a value and each half term winners are chosen to receive a values award. Once a pupil has received an award for all three values s/he receives a values award. This week, 12 pupils from Culloden Primary Academy, 5 from Murrayfield Primary Academy and 4 from Piper’s Vale Primary Academy were recognised for receiving all three values awards and becoming values champions. Here are a few examples:

  • Integrity – for always doing the right thing and being a role model for the rest of the class
  • Community – for being kind and helpful to all and offering to help out around the classroom
  • Excellence – for completing work to the highest standards and responding to feedback given.

Pupils were presented with a certificate and values champion badge by Bill Holledge, CEO, Paradigm Trust and enjoyed a festive afternoon tea with their families.

Last updated December 16, 2019