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Incredible Violin performances from pupils at our London Schools

Pupils at our London schools have showcased everything they’ve worked hard to learn about playing the violin with some beautiful performances. Follow the links below to see them in action.

Culloden Primary Academy: Click Here

Old Ford Primary Academy: Click Here

Solebay Primary Academy: Click Here

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Pedagogy Newsletter #61

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Spring at Paradigm Trust

Spring has sprung, and our pupils have been waiting for chicks and ducklings to hatch, after carefully looking after their eggs.

Pictured are:

Chick from Culloden

Sunshine the first duckling to hatch at Murrayfield

Ducklings at Old Ford

Bouncer, first duckling at Solebay

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Trade Union Facility Time reporting 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018


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Vacancy: Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant – Ipswich Academy – closing date Monday 16th July 2018

Paradigm Trust is seeking to recruit a Teaching Assistant to work at Ipswich Academy.

Please click to access:

Please return all completed applications to hr@paradigmtrust.org.

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Vacancy: Cover Supervisor

Cover Supervisor – Ipswich Academy – closing date Monday 16th July 2018

Paradigm Trust is seeking to recruit a Cover Supervisor to work at Ipswich Academy.

Please click to access:

Please return all completed applications to hr@paradigmtrust.org.

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Vacancy: HR Officer

HR Officer – Paradigm Trust – closing date Friday 13th July 2018

Paradigm Trust is seeking to recruit a HR Officer to work full time at Paradigm Trust across our Suffolk Academies.

Please click to access:

Please return all completed applications to hr@paradigmtrust.org.

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How to Talk to Children about COVID-19


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John Helleur – Member

John became a member of Paradigm Trust in February 2020.

John is a retired senior manager who spent his career at the leading edge of developing and supporting software solutions in the challenging environment of global telecommunications. He blends experience of organisational transformation, culture change, and project management with a very strong awareness of the challenges in Primary and Secondary schools.

John was a governor at Ipswich Academy’s precursor schools for over 40 years, with roles including Vice-chair and Chair of the governing body, and chair of the Finance Committee. He was also a governor at his children’s primary school, St Helens, from 1980 for over 30 years, many as Chair of Governors. He was instrumental in working to transform Holywells High School to Ipswich Academy and was a founder of the ASSET (IPAT) Multi-academy Trust. Although no longer a governor, John continues to help Ipswich Academy as Chair of the Community Forum and leading a team of maths mentors.

In order to tackle embedded low literacy in disadvantaged areas of Ipswich, in 2016 John set up the Let’s Talk Reading charity, which he chairs, and which now works with 15 schools, 40 early years settings and a number of partner agencies and charities. He also set up sister charity, Read Easy Ipswich in 2018 to help to deal with adult literacy problems. He has interests in an educational project involving 16 disadvantaged schools in Delhi.

John worked for BT for over 30 years, leading software engineering research and development related to new telephone exchanges, network management systems, software architectures and latterly leading BT’s UK network strategy unit. He retired from BT in 2000. In 1995, he was appointed a non-executive Director of the Indian BT joint venture company, Mahindra-BT; then became its COO in 2000 and CEO between 2001 and 2004, positioning it for its public flotation as Tech Mahindra.

John is a strong advocate of carbon reduction and is rapidly changing his lifestyle appropriately. Apart from his family, his main interest is music: playing in a woodwind quintet and a saxophone quartet.

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Mark Hydes – Director

Mark Hydes – Head of Field Services, Commercial and Industrial Metering

Mark was appointed to the Board as a parent director on 18th June 2020.

Following a career spanning over 23 years, Mark is the holder of various electrical and safety qualifications. For the first 8 years of his career, Mark undertook onsite electrical installation works in residential and commercial settings. He then successfully moved his career forward into managerial roles within the electricity metering industry. It was during this time that Mark developed a sound knowledge of authoring safe systems at work. This includes the authoring of risk assessments, project planning and delivery, and contract management, with due consideration to industry regulation and compliance, and HR processes. He stepped down as Director in September 2022.

Mark has a vested interest in Paradigm Trust as his family attend Ipswich Academy. Mark has watched this academy develop and evolve and looks forward, as a Parent Director, to support its future growth for the benefit of the community.

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