Ipswich Academy, Paradigm Trust | 17/01/2019

Ipswich Academy featured in Ipswich Star

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Minimum £53,000 boost to schools in Ipswich Opportunity Area

Pedagogy newsletter | 15/01/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #15

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Paradigm Trust, Solebay Primary Academy | 14/01/2019

Healthy Eating at Solebay Primary

Pupils in Year 2 at Solebay Primary Academy have been learning about the importance of healthy eating and having 5 portions of fruit or vegetables each day. In the Design Technology, lesson, pupils created healthy wraps. They loved eating the colourful vegetables!

Paradigm Trust | 07/01/2019

Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our pupils, families and staff a very happy new year.

Reception pupils at Murrayfield have made a positive start to the new year by creating a Friendship Fish showing what is needed to be a good friend.

Pedagogy newsletter | 18/12/2018

Pedagogy Newsletter #14

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Paradigm Trust | 17/12/2018

Teach like a Champion

Paradigm Trust’s vision is ‘to develop and sustain great schools where we can make the biggest difference to pupils’. A large group of senior staff, including six Principals,  two Early Years leads, a SENCO, a curriculum leader, two improvement advisers and our CEO had the opportunity to spend two fantastic days studying and practising the art and craft of teaching. Facilitated by Doug Lemov, author of the renowned text, ‘Teach like a Champion 2.0‘, this was a clear demonstration of the importance the Trust places on developing great staff and improving teaching practice.

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Ipswich Academy, Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust, Piper's Vale Primary Academy | 10/12/2018

Value of community

One of the values of the Paradigm Trust is:

Community -Working together; learning from, and supporting, others.

Student ambassadors from Ipswich Academy put this value into action by visiting Murrayfield Primary and Piper’s Vale Primary academies last week to talk to their student councils about fundraising ideas for the Elmer Project. 

Pedagogy newsletter | 07/12/2018

Pedagogy Newsletter #13

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Old Ford Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 03/12/2018

The power of kindness

December is kindness month at Old Ford Primary Academy. Pupils will try hard to be kind to friends and family. They will be doing kind acts every day and talking about why this is important. A small act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone else’s day!

Ipswich Academy, Paradigm Trust | 26/11/2018

ResearchEd Conference

Helen Winn, Naomi Shenton and Ben Rogers from Ipswich Academy recently spoke at an educational conference, ResearchED.

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