Science in EYFS

  • Spring 1- Dinosaurs – living things
  • Spring 2- New life – eggs and chicks, living things.
  • Summer 1- Rainforests – habitats, climate, animals and plants.

Science in KS1/KS2

Autumn 1.13 weeks plants, 2 weeks seasons1 week seasons, 4 weeks plants.Living things and their Habitats and ClassificationStates of Matter
Autumn 1.2Continued from aboveContinued from aboveStates of MatterLiving things and their habitats and classification
Autumn 2.13 weeks Materials, 2 weeks forces3 weeks materials, 1 week forces.Earth and SpaceAnimals including Humans
Autumn 2.2Continued from aboveContinued from aboveAnimals including humansEarth and space
Spring 1.1Animals including HumansAnimals including humansForces and MagnetsElectricity and energy
Spring 1.2Continued from aboveContinued from aboveElectricity and energyForces and magnets
Spring 2.1 PlantsPlantsRocksPlants
Spring 2.2Continued from aboveContinued from abovePlantsY5: RocksY6: Evolution, Inheritance and Fossils
Summer 1.1Materials Materials Light and SoundY5: Living things and their habitats part#2
Y6: SATs
Summer 1.2Continued from above plus 1 week seasonsContinued from aboveLiving things and their Habitats and Classification part#2Light and Sound
Summer 2.1Living things and their habitatsProperties of materialsEnvironmental issues:Global warmingPollution
Summer 2.2As aboveEnvironmental issues:Global warmingPollutionPlasticsProperties of materials

Science in KS3

Autumn 1Lab Skills Human body: organs, tissues, cells.Combustion
Periodic table
Key concepts in biology
Autumn 2Human body: sexual
reproduction. fitness, skeleton, muscles and blood.
Cells and control
Autumn 3Adaptation and the environmentFood and nutrition, plants and their plant reproductionGenetics
Autumn 4Solutions, mixtures and separationBreathing and respirationMotion
Spring 1Acids and AlkalisSimple life – single celled organismsForces and motion
Spring 2Particle model Atoms, elements and molecules.Fluids:  particle model Density, pressure and dragConservation of energy
Spring 3Energy: from food; transfers; fuels.Light and soundStates of matter and methods of separating and purifying substances.
Spring 4Current electricity, ForcesEnergy transfersAtomic structure
Summer 1WavesEarth and SpacePeriodic table
Summer 2Light and SoundEarth and spaceIonic and covalent bonding
Summer 3Project workProject workRevision and assessment
Summer 4Project workProject workProject work

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Last updated August 25, 2022