All schools use Maths Mastery from EYFS to KS2

ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Early mathematical experiencesNumbers to 10 Numbers within 100Number sense and exploring Reasoning with large numbers Reasoning with large whole integers Integers and decimals
Pattern and early numberAddition and subtraction within 10 Addition and subtraction of two digit numbersCalculation strategies Addition and subtraction Integer addition and subtraction Multiplication and division
Numbers within 6Shape and patterns Addition and subtraction word problemsPlace value Graphs Multiplication and division Line graphs and timetables Calculation problems 
Addition and subtraction within 6Numbers to 20 Measures: lengthAddition and subtraction Discrete and continuous data Multiplication and division Fractions
MeasuresAddition and subtraction within 20 GraphsLength and perimeter Perimeter and area Missing angles and length
Shape and sorting Multiplication and division: 2, 5 and 10    
Calendar and time      
ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Number within 10Time Time Multiplication and division Securing multiplication facts Fractions and decimals Coordinates and shapes
Addition and subtraction within 10Exploring calculation strategies within 20 FractionsDeriving multiplication and division facts FractionsAngles Fractions  
Numbers within 15Numbers to 50Addition and subtraction of two digit numbersTime   Time Fractions and percentages Decimals and measure
Grouping and sharingAddition and subtraction within 20 MoneyFractionsDecimals Transformations Percentage and statistics
Numbers within 20FractionsFace, shapes and patterns: lines and turns Area and perimeter  Proportion problems 
Doubling and halvingMeasures: Length and mass      
ReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Shape and patternNumbers 50 to 100 and beyondNumbers within 1000Angles and shape Solving measures and money problems Converting units of measure KS2 SATS tests
Addition and subtraction within 20Addition and subtractionMeasures: capacity and volumeMeasures Shape and symmetry Calculating with whole numbers and decimals 
MoneyMoneyMeasures: massSecuring multiplication and division Position and direction 2-D and 3-D shapes 
MeasuresMultiplication and divisionExploring calculation strategiesExploring calculation strategies and place value Reasoning with pattern and sequences 3-D shape Volume 
Depth and numbers within 20Measures: Capacity and volumeMultiplication and division 3 and 4.  Problem solving  
Numbers beyond 20      


Maths at KS3 takes a mastery approach to the PUMA scheme. 

Year 7Year 8Year 9
Place ValueNumberNumber
Properties of numbersAlgebraAlgebra
LinesRatio, Proportion and Rates of ChangeRatio, Proportion and Rates of Change
Calculations 1Geometry and MeasuresGeometry and Measures
Calculations 2ProbabilityProbability
Properties of shapesStatisticsStatistics
Data representation and interpretation  
Year 7Year 8Year 9
Developing and Extending Autumn TermNumberNumber
Lines and Angles      AlgebraAlgebra
Properties of shapesRatio, Proportion and Rates of ChangeRatio, Proportion and Rates of Change
Place valueGeometry and MeasuresGeometry and Measures
Properties of numbersProbabilityProbability
Data representation and interpretation  
Year 7Year 8Year 9
Developing and Extending Spring TermNumberNumber
Properties of numbersAlgebraAlgebra
Place valueRatio, Proportion and Rates of ChangeRatio, Proportion and Rates of Change
Fractions and Decimals ProportionGeometry and MeasuresGeometry and Measures
Expressions and FormulaeStatisticsStatistics
Properties of shapes  
Data representation and interpretation  
Last updated August 25, 2022