Pupils in the EYFS are taught that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs and everyone needs to be treated with respect. Pupils are taught about all of the 5 major religions (Christinaity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism) and worldviews  (Humanism). Pupils learn about how different religions celebrate festivals such as Easter, Christmas, Eid, Holi, Hanukkah and Humanist day. 

KS1 and KS2

We follow a 3 year cycle (see table below) covering the major world religions as well as  worldviews. The programme is designed so that each previously taught religion is reviewed and comparisons are drawn between the content. Over six years, each child will have studied each identified religion/non-religion twice, studying in greater depth and making connections between religions. Pupils are taught key substantive knowledge for each religion and worldview and each lesson is broken down into one of 3 disciplines: Theology, philosophy and Human/Social Science. 

2021-2022Christianity Islam
2022-2023Judaism Humanism
2023-2024Hinduism Sikhism 

PRE at KS3

The purpose of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) is to help students understand more about the world they live in by considering both religious and non-religious responses to big questions and ethical issues. Through the exploration of ideas and beliefs students will develop their critical thinking and analysis skills. Overall our aim is to Inspire curiosity and deepen our student’s understanding of the world as well as to encourage their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development.

PRE at KS3

GCSE Religious Studies gives students the opportunity to consider a variety of questions about life and its purpose. Through the course students examine the beliefs and practices of both Christianity and Islam before exploring topics such as the concepts of good and evil, life and death, relationships and human rights. Each of these units is considered from a range of philosophical, religious and ethical perspectives.

The course covers the following units:

Component 1  – Religious, Philosophical and Ethical studies in a Modern World

Theme 1 – Relationships 

Theme 2 – Life and death

Theme 3 – Good and evil

Theme 4 – Human Rights

Component 2 –  Study of Christianity

Component 3 – Study of a World faith – Islam

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Last updated November 10, 2022