• Autumn 2 – Celebrations – Diwali and Christmas. 
  • Other religious celebrations are celebrated and learnt about as they occur throughout the year. 


We have agreed to follow a 3 year cycle (see table below). The programme is designed so that each previously taught religion is reviewed and comparisons drawn between religions. Over six years, each child will have studied each identified religion twice, studying in greater depth and making connections between religions. 

YearSpring 1Summer 1
2018 – 2019ChristianityIslam
2019 – 2020JudaismHumanism
2020 – 2021Hinduism Sikhism
2021 – 2022ChristianityIslam
2022 – 2023JudaismHumanism
2023 – 2024Hinduism Sikhism

PRE at KS3

Term:Year SevenYear EightYear Nine
Autumn term What is Truth? (An introduction to PRE)Who has the right to judge?Is anybody out there? Are we truly alone in the Universe?
Spring term What are our rights and responsibilities? How does Christian doctrine promote them and how does it compare with other religious interpretations of our responsibilities?Could there be a life after death? How does the Hindu interpretation compare to other religious views on this?What do Buddhists believe about suffering?
Summer term How has the Jewish identity changed over time?What is the media and does it promote truth?Does Sikhism promote equality?

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Last updated April 19, 2022