The KS1/2 RE curriculum has been developed so that every primary pupil in the Trust studies the same religion at the same time. Each child will study each religion twice in their primary career.

Progress is ensured by focusing on a different enquiry in each year:

KS1 and KS2

1Which festivals are important?
2How and why do _______ celebrate festivals?
(extending and focusing on the ‘why’ from year 1)
3How do _________ celebrate life events?
(birth, weddings, coming of age, death)
4What do ________ believe and how is it show through stories?
5What does it mean to be _________ in Britain today? #1
(maintaining traditions in modern Britain).
6What does it mean to be _________ in Britain today? #2
(looking at stereotypes and prejudice and how they are successfully overcome)


Term:Autumn overviewSpring overviewSummer overview
Year 7What is truth? (An introduction to PRE and the ways in which religious people and Humanists find personal and empirical truth)

What are our rights and responsibilities? How does Christian doctrine promote them and how does it compare with other religious interpretations of our responsibilities?

How has the Jewish identity changed over time? Has it become lost in the other Abrahamic religions?

Year 8Who has the right to judge? Is God the ultimate judge for any religious person?

Could there be a life after death? How does the Hindu interpretation compare to other religious views on this?

What is the media and does it promote truth? Does it portray Islam and other religions accurately or fairly?

Year 9Is anybody out there? Are we truly alone in the Universe?

(Philosophy of Religion)
Does Sikhism promote equality? Is equality a religious value?

What do Buddhists believe about suffering? Is there a way to stop suffering?


This arrangement allows us to ensure that teachers are confident about the learning in previous years, allowing comparison between religions and facilitating spaced practice. It allows for efficient staff training and the organisation of resources and visits. We also hope that siblings from different year groups will be able to discuss the same issues at home.

Spring 1Spring 2

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