Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
1Getting to know you!Singing Introduction to musical elements 1: Introduction to musical elements 2: Introduction to musical elements 3 : 
Introduction to musical elements 4: 
Reflect, Rewind, and Replay
Summer concert/ production
2Film MusicAfrican MusicFolk MusicBhangraSambaReflect, Rewind, and Replay
3Hip-HopIntroduction to the orchestraReggaeVocal Techniques – Scat/beatboxingEnsemble  Skills Reflect, Rewind, and Replay
4BluesBritpopProgramme MusicSoul/MotownMusical TheatreReflect, Rewind, and Replay
5Rock Big Band/SwingPiano MusicOperaIndian RagaReflect, Rewind, and Replay
6Pop JazzMinimalismDisco/FunkSongwritingLocally agreed topic (eg Year 6 Musical) 


Year 7Year 8Year 9
Aut 1Find Your VoiceSambaThe Blues
Aut 2Rhythm & Pulse – African DrummingGuitar Skills – Rock MusicFinal Score – Music for video games and moving image (Music technology project)
Spr 1Keyboard Skills Programme Music – Music TechnologyMusical Futures – Band Project

Last updated September 17, 2021