• KS1/2: 8 hours per 6 week block. 
  • Year 7/8 on rotation (32 hours per year)
  • Year 9 on regular timetable (2 hours per fortnight).

Biennial Schedule for KS1/2

In order to cover the range of the art and design and design technology curricula, we have planned a two year sequence from year 1 to year 6.


  1. a, b, c, d and e can be taught in any order
  2. bold text indicates Design Technology National Curriculum
  3. non-bold indicates Art and Design National Curriculum
  4. drawing skills are explicitly taught in each art/design/DT topic.
  5. colour is revisited regularly – in each art week. 

Art Schedule for KS3

KS3 Fitness and Nutrition Overview

At KS3, the food technology elements of the National Curriculum for DT are taught within Fitness and Nutrition. 

Last updated September 9, 2019