Christopher Crozier – Member

Christopher has been one of the members of Paradigm Trust since 2 April 2013. He attends the audit and risk committee.

He joined the governing body at Old Ford Primary School in 2004 and went on to become chair in 2008. Christopher was also a governor at Culloden Primary School, before it converted to an academy in September 2013. Christopher was chairman of the Paradigm board until July 2016.

Christopher is the chief risk officer of Permira, a European private equity firm with global reach. He focuses on improving and standardising Permira’s risk management function globally. Christopher’s role covers key areas including reputation, conflicts, compliance, litigation and regulatory matters. Prior to joining Permira as a principal in 2008, Christopher was the chief administrative officer for emerging markets (EMEA) at Morgan Stanley where he was responsible for a number of compliance and risk matters including helping the firm establish its middle east offices.

Prior to this, he practised law at Freshfields and Simpson Thacher. Christopher has a degree in law from Oxford University, England, and a degree in international relations from Brown University, USA. Christopher is a solicitor (England and Wales) and an attorney (New York).

Christopher served as a director of Paradigm Trust from September 2013 until 19 July 2016. His term of office was four years. He was appointed as a director by the members when the company was formed on 2 April 2013.

Last updated September 17, 2016