Kimberly Morton appointed Principal at Piper’s Vale

Paradigm Trust secures leadership for accelerated progress in Ipswich Primary School

Paradigm Trust has appointed Kimberly Morton to the position of Principal with the mandate to drive continual improvement at Piper’s Vale Primary Academy. The appointment comes after Kimberly managed the school successfully for a year as interim principal.

Kimberly has previously led teaching teams that turned around schools in Norfolk, and has earned this position by developing the staff at Piper’s Vale and delivering accelerated progress for all pupils. Her appointment will ensure that the improvements already secured are locked in, with a view to the school becoming one of the best in the town.

Alongside a clear leadership structure and an embedded knowledge-based curriculum, Piper’s Vale now offers an extended day that is free at point of entry, additional study provision for year six both after school and in school holidays alongside a wide-range of sport, music and creative clubs for all pupils.

Principal Kimberly Morton says:

“I’m delighted to have been appointed as Principal at Piper’s Vale Primary Academy. We have all worked exceptionally hard to improve teaching and learning over the last year and I am extremely proud of our pupils and the school community who have achieved so much. This role gives me the opportunity to ensure continued growth and excellence for years to come.”

Located on Raeburn Road, Piper’s Vale is a primary school for 420 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years, together with a nursery for pupils from 3 years upwards. As a Paradigm Trust school, it offers a fantastic education in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, supported by enrichment opportunities that ensure children have the best opportunity to reach their potential.

Parents and carers interesting in visiting or finding out more about the school should contact Principal Kimberly Morton on or telephone 01473 320413.

Last updated May 1, 2019