We use Read Write Inc. as our phonics programme. When pupils are assessed to be ready, they begin the Literacy and Language programme which we supplement with additional writing and subject specific (disciplinary) non fiction reading and writing. This allows us to address the following aims:

1. To ensure that pupils learn to decode texts efficiently, read accurately and fluently with good comprehension.

The Read Write Inc. and Literacy and Language programmes are proven to efficiently develop reading and writing skills.

2. To ensure that pupils learn to comprehend and write subject specific texts.

Disciplinary texts use different vocabulary (tier 3), sentence structures and writing styles. We have developed a disciplinary reading and writing programme from KS1-K3 across the Trust to ensure our learners develop the necessary subject literacy skills to succeed throughout their academic careers.  


All of our primary schools have received Read Write Inc. and Literacy and Language training combined with observation and coaching from Ruth Miskin trainers.

From September 2018 all Paradigm Trust primary academies will be using the programmes. This will be monitored both by specialists within the Trust and external Ruth Miskin trainers. Where older pupils would still benefit from intensive phonics instruction, we use the Read Write Inc. FreshStart scheme of work.

The disciplinary nonfiction programme has been developed to replace the Literacy and Language non fiction texts. The texts have been selected by the subject and English leads. The pedagogical approach has been adapted from the Literacy and Language programme.

Learners will produce three pieces of disciplinary writing each half term.


Please see KS1/2 assessment data which is available by visiting our academy websites.

Last updated March 1, 2021