At this time, the Paradigm Foundation curriculum includes history, geography, RE and computing. We aim to expand these subjects with MFL, PE, art and design, design technology and music for 2019. This document also covers science. These subjects allow us to address three key aims.

1. To teach pupils knowledge and skills so that they understand and become active in the world they live in.

The foundation subjects together with science offer pupils a framework to understand the world around them. This allows pupils to interact in a meaningful way with information in their lives.

2. To prepare pupils for the next stage in their learning.

Our aim is to give our pupils the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in subsequent learning. The curriculum has been planned to ensure coherence across key stages.

For example, in history, the KS1 curriculum prepares pupils by developing an understanding of chronology, how to make inferences from primary sources and how to compare first order historical concepts from different time periods (e.g. comparing childhood in Victorian times to childhood today).  This enables them to learn more effectively in KS2 and beyond.

The curriculum and resources are designed using principles from the psychology of learning. Knowledge gained in one lesson is recalled and elaborated on in subsequent lessons to ensure retention and the development of well structured schemata (knowledge stored and arranged in long-term memory).

3. To support disciplinary literacy

Each subject has its own disciplinary literacy: the vocabulary, phrases and writing style specific to the subject. Our KS1-3 curriculum uses identified texts and writing tasks to develop disciplinary literacy in history, geography, RE, science and computing.

To assess learning

A shared curriculum across our schools allows us to assess learning rigorously.


Implementation is ongoing. The KS1-3 foundation curriculum will be launched in September 2018. During this implementation phase, each medium term plan is being finalised a term in advance, so schools have sufficient time to prepare.

Writing the Medium Term Plan

The KS1 and 2 curriculum plan and resources are written by subject specialist teams, one member from each school including Ipswich Academy. These materials are discussed and approved by principals as part of the development process. We use the guidelines agreed by the Education Committee (on behalf of the Board) and principals.

Last updated September 14, 2018