We use Switched On Computing (Rising Stars) for our KS1/2 computing curriculum. Our KS3 curriculum follows the same sequence of units at progressively greater depth:

  • Programming
  • Computational Thinking
  • Communication/collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Computer Networks
  • Creativity

The KS1/2 Timetable

Principals across Paradigm Trust have agreed a KS1/2 timetable to ensure time is allocated to science and the foundation subjects.

  • Science has two 45 minute lessons per week plus disciplinary reading and writing time.
  • The humanities (history, geography and RE) also have two 45 minute lessons per week plus disciplinary reading and writing time.
  • 30 hours of computing per year.

The KS3 Timetable

The KS3 timetable is a 10 week block with 2 hours per week. Each short until within the block integrates: programming; computational thinking; communication/ collaboration; productivity; computer networks and creativity. This programme builds upon the skills and knowledge of KS1 and KS2.


The training sessions are planned in subject lead meetings and delivered in school in the half term preceding the units being taught.


The KS1-3 science and foundation curriculum is ready for launch in September 2018. The materials for Autumn 1 are prepared and the training is being delivered within schools across the trust.

We have trialled assessments in June 2018:

  • multiple choice knowledge and interpretation questions (MCQ)
  • comparative judgement writing tasks (history and science)
  • geography reading comprehension (MCQ)
  • historical source analysis (rubric marking).

Feedback on these assessments is being collected and a report will be prepared for September 2018.

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Last updated September 14, 2018