Pedagogy newlsletter | 18/11/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #42


Murrayfield Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 11/11/2019

Celebrating success at Murrayfield Primary

Please click below to read a feature from the Ipswich Star on the success at Murrayfield Primary Academy:

‘Everyone deserves it’ – remarkable turnaround for school in Ipswich once rated ‘inadequate’

Ipswich Academy, Paradigm Trust | 11/11/2019

Duke of Edinburgh Programme at Ipswich Academy

Over at Ipswich Academy, 35 enthusiastic students embarked upon their Duke of Edinburgh journey. The Duke of Edinburgh programme is a nationally recognised award for young people which is designed to provide a sense of adventure and recognise achievement.

Pedagogy newlsletter | 08/11/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #41


Pedagogy newlsletter | 04/11/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #40


Pedagogy newlsletter | 18/10/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #39


Culloden Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 14/10/2019

Money raised at Culloden Primary Academy for Children in need

Pedagogy newlsletter | 11/10/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter #38


Pedagogy newlsletter | 08/10/2019

Pedagogy Newsletter: Bonanza!

Please click to read : Pedagogy Newsletter: Bonanza!

You can read the Bonanza brochure below:


Culloden Primary Academy, Paradigm Trust | 30/09/2019

Lee Valley Park Visit

Year 1 pupils from Culloden Primary Academy were lucky enough to visit Lee Valley Park, where they learnt about a variety of different animals and birds.

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